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What Is CNC Milling?

CNC milling uses rotating cutting tools to cut away material. Whilst this may seem similar to turning, milling uses multi-point cutting tools of various shapes including rounded, angled, or squared to give the desired design required. 

It is similar to CNC routing, as CNC milling is not a part of a horizontal or vertical lathe. Milling typically involves moving both the spindle and the material allowing for a higher level of accuracy and detail, rather than just the spindle as seen in CNC routing. 

Just like its counterparts, CNC milling uses a computer numerical control in order to operate. This not only makes the process faster, but it also makes it more accurate and safer to operate. 


What We Offer

We can accept designs in all file formats

High-level of versatility and adaptability to most designs 

Exceptional production times whilst retaining immense accuracy

Prototyping and efficient production of complex plastic engineered parts

CNC Milling Close Up

For any type of product to begin, we just need a plan or schematic. When the provided format file is entered into the CNC milling machine, the rotating spindle moves and comes into contact with the plastic and carves out various depths and patterns. Whilst doing this, the material can move as well, making it easier for the tool to manoeuvre.  

There are a variety of CNC milling machines available that include multiple axes, ranging from 3 to 6, allowing for greater versatility and complex manufacturing. This gives us the ability to match your designs with the right kit to accommodate your needs.  

However, you can use the CNC milling machine to accommodate several milling methods including, surface, profile, gear, angular, and form milling. With access to different heads within the milling tool kit range, the spindle can craft large and small-scale intricate productions with incredible detail and accuracy. 

If you need special requirements for your project, get in touch, and speak to one of our experts. 

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    CNC Milling Fabrication

    Why Choose CNC Milling?

    Milling is perfect for working with highly detailed designs that require immense accuracy, due to its spindle working on multiple axes and the material moving to accommodate multiple angles where the spindle may find hard to reach or to provide angular cutting.  

    The bed that holds the material is able to move on a z-axis, this allows items to be flipped without the need for operator intervention, removing the risk of misalignment and harm. With both spindle and bed being able to pivot on multiple axes, coupled with CNC, the product can be produced extremely quickly and repeated multiple times.  

    Due to its minimal waste and quick production process, CNC milling allows for designs to be prototyped and tested with ease. This means that alterations for any designs can be done on-site if required and with support from our team working with you. 

    If you have a brilliant idea and you don’t know if CNC milling is the right choice for you, let us know!

    Why Choose Termate For CNC Plastic Engineering?

    Online, there are hundreds of services to choose from. So, you should have some idea of what service would be right to make your product or part. With over 60 years of manufacturing experience and with extensive international trading history, Termate is a brand that can provide a high-quality service with extensive care.  

    By providing only the best technical support and CNC operators, we can assist you with developing and producing your project from start to finish. 

    We listen, understand, and care by involving you in every stage of the production process. 

    Access to knowledgeable technical industry experts means that we can help you comply with the suitable British and International Standards for your project. At our Nottingham site, we can accommodate projects that require singles runs, prototypes, or large-scale batch fabrication.

    Explore Our Nesting Services

    Lay out designs quickly and easily with Termate! Our technical team can position your designs optimally, which saves you time, space, and waste when producing your products.

    CNC Milling Technician

    Commonly Used Materials Available For Plastic CNC Milling

    • GP03
    • Nylon 6
    • Cast Nylon
    • Nylatron MoS2
    • Glass-filled Nylon
    • Polyester Glass
    • EM42
    • Tufnol
    • HDPE
    • LDPE
    • PE1000
    • PE500
    • PTFE
    • Teflon
    • PVDF
    • Acetal
    • Delrin
    • Peek
    • Arnite
    • SRBP Tube
    • SRBF
    • Polypropylene
    • Epoxy Glass
    • Densified Wood (e.g. Permali & Lingostone)
    CNC Milling Parts

    Commonly Produced CNC Milling Products

    Functional Prototypes
    Functional Prototypes
    Machine Change Parts
    Machined Change Parts
    Plastic Conveyor Parts
    Plastic Conveyor Parts
    CNC Star Wheels
    Star Wheels
    Base plates
    Base Plates
    Manifold Blocks
    Manifold Blocks
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    Unsure If Milling Is Suitable For Your Project?

    If you can't see your project on the list here, don't worry, these are only examples. Get in touch to see how we can help.

    Sectors Where CNC Milling Is Commonly Used

    Electrical Supply And Distribution
    Electrical Supply & Distribution

    Transformers, inverters, drives and controls, insulating division plates in switchboards & control gear.

    Process and packaging equipment
    Process & Packaging Equipment

    Barriers, screens & guards, conveyor system components, scraper blades.

    EV Charger Systems
    EV Charging Systems

    Casings, division plates, and component insulation.

    Renewable Energy
    Renewable & Green Energy

    Battery insulations, inverter & micro-inverter insulations, shrouds, mounting brackets & plates.


    Bespoke components, mountings, and division plates.

    Marine And Shipping

    Corrosion-resistant casings, and bespoke components.

    Electronics and computing
    Electronics & Computing

    Insulating plates & mounts, casings, and isolation components.

    Automation CNC Parts

    Sprockets, cogs, guides & runners, and barriers.

    Research and Development
    Research & Development

    Prototypes, and proof of concept models.

    Rail and rolling stock

    Corrosion-resistant casings, insulating mountings & brackets, obsolete components, and divisions & barriers. 

    OEM Parts
    OEM Component Manufacturing

    Bespoke components, mountings & division plates, and insulating & insolating parts.

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    Bring clarity to your designs and produce them with a bespoke CNC milling service with Termate CNC Plastic Engineering.

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