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What Is CNC Nesting?

To explain it clearly and easily, CNC nesting software is one of the best ways to ensure that your designs are laid out to save time, space, and waste.

The nesting software allows us to position certain pieces close to each other without the material potentially being damaged during the fabrication process. Nesting allows for greater efficiency and saves on waste produced during the CNC process.

Automated nesting analyses the selected files which you uploaded and then the engine begins sorting them into various layouts. We also take extra due diligence and the technical step of reviewing the nesting process manually. We do this to organise design layouts to meet end-user specifications and to fit the unique technical requirements of our CNC fabrication machines. 

CNC Nesting Software
CNC Routing Outline

It also helps to make CNC services more cost-effective, allowing companies, like us, to produce more individual parts on a single sheet of material.

This saves us from having to acquire additional materials and the time spent producing the product. Whilst this may not be evident in small-scale productions, for long-term mass manufacturing the benefits of nesting become more noticeable. 

This overview may sound quite simple, but when placed into the entire process of manufacturing, it starts to get a little complex, as nesting sits right between design and production. If cost is of key importance, nesting can help identify excessive unused spaces in your design. It may take you back to the drawing board, but in the long term, it means that production will run more efficiently. 

As mentioned previously, nesting sits between design and production. This makes it a powerful tool in optimising certain production goals, such as being able to manufacture more products and parts at a lower cost. 

Design, nesting, and production work in tandem with each other, and are not strictly linear or final upon completion. This makes the creation of prototypes via CNC incredibly useful, as you can use the data to go back and review your current designs with the nesting process in mind, which will therefore make your production experience better overall. 

Nesting can help identify key areas in the material where space could be wasted. So, it helps us improve our green environmental footprint, which is one of the key policies of the Encompass Group. This makes better use of materials during production by eliminating excessive waste and therefore also saves on waste disposal costs. 

At Termate, we stand closely by our environmental policies. We always strive to improve our ethical manufacturing processes and nesting proves to be essential in helping us to achieve these goals. 

CNC Nesting Airlock
CNC Router Drill

It is always worth having an expert on hand. 

With access to highly skilled and experienced technical support, Termate is ready to support and provide advice along your manufacturing journey. Our engineers at Termate can do this for you with the nesting services we are fully trained and experienced in.  

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Termate has been established for over 60 years, supplying insulating plastic products to national and international customers in the electrical industry. We can always accommodate a variety of diverse needs to suit your requirements. So, if you need further support, or are ready to take your project to the next level, get in touch today! 

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